Privacy Policy

‎1. Scope‎


Kashoo Systems Inc. (Kashoo, we or us) takes your privacy seriously. ‎This Privacy Policy, which forms part of Kashoo’s Terms of Service (the Terms), explains how Kashoo ‎collects, uses and protects personal and private information submitted and collected as part ‎of our online software service and generally on our website or mobile applications ‎‎(together, the Service).‎

PLEASE READ THIS PRIVACY POLICY CAREFULLY.  By using our Service or otherwise by choosing to ‎provide us with your Personal Information, you acknowledge and consent to the processing of your ‎Personal Information in Canada in accordance with this Policy and as may be further identified when ‎the Personal Information is collected.  If you are located or residing outside of Canada, please be ‎aware that our Service is intended for and directed to users in Canada, and the privacy laws and ‎principles in Canada may differ and not offer the same level of protection as those in your location or ‎residing country/region.  Through your continued use of our Service you are transferring your personal ‎information to Canada and you expressly consent to that transfer. We will use this consent as the legal ‎basis for such data transfer, unless otherwise stated in this Policy.   ‎

a)    Personal Information” means information that determines the identity of an individual. ‎Most of the information we collect is considered Personal Information, and is also private and sensitive, such as ‎the financial information you give us. Some information is not Personal Information. We take the collection and ‎storage of all information, especially Personal Information very ‎seriously.‎

b)    Legal Basis: We will process your Personal Information only with your knowledge and consent, except where ‎exempted, required or permitted by applicable laws. The form of consent may vary depending on the ‎circumstances and the type of information being requested.  Your consent may be express with clear ‎options to say “yes” or “no”, such as by being asked to check a box to indicate your consent, or ‎implied, such as when you provide us with your address through a form or email seeking information ‎and we use those means to respond to your request.  Your consent can also be provided by your ‎authorized representative.  Taking into account the sensitivity of your Personal Information, purposes ‎of collection, and your reasonable expectations, we will obtain the form of consent that is appropriate ‎to the Personal Information being processed.  By using our Service or otherwise by choosing to provide ‎us with your Personal Information, you acknowledge and consent to the processing of your personal ‎information in accordance with this Policy and as may be further identified when the personal ‎information is collected.  When we process your Personal Information for a new purpose, we will ‎document that new purpose and ask for your consent again.‎

If you do not consent to the processing of your Personal Information in accordance with this Policy, ‎please do not access or continue to use any aspect of the Service or otherwise provide any personal ‎information to us.  ‎

You may refuse to provide consent or may notify us at any time that you wish to withdraw or change ‎your consent to the processing of your Personal Information without penalty, subject to legal or ‎contractual restrictions and reasonable notice by (i) changing your privacy preferences through the ‎Service, (ii) deleting your account with the Service and stopping use of the Service, (iii) opting out of ‎the use of your Personal Information by contacting us at the contact information below.   ‎However, if you withdraw or change your consent, we may not be able to provide you with the ‎Service.‎

2. Collection and Storage‎


a)    Registration Data: When registering for our Service you will provide Personal Information that is ‎necessary so you can use the Service, including, but not limited to, ‎individual names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.‎

b)    Other Information: Some of the other Personal Information we collect while you use the Service, ‎our website or our other services include, but are not limited to, your financial data, your ‎customer / vendor lists, and your bank transactions. If you connect an account that you have with a third party to your account on our Service, such as a bank account, credit card, investment account or loan account, your personal information will be transferred from those third parties to us for the purpose of providing you the Service. Kashoo does not store any credentials used to log into any such third party accounts.

c)     Updating Your Information: It is important that your Information is up-to-date and ‎accurate. Please login to your account to make any changes or email us ‎at‎

d)    Cookies: Our servers may retain Personal Information in cookies about your session when you ‎enter and use our service. You can refuse to accept any cookies, but then you may not be ‎able to use our Service.‎

e)    Credit Card and Banking Information: Kashoo does NOT store any of your credit card ‎or online banking credentials. Those are stored securely with our third party service providers that provide payment processing services on our behalf.‎

f)      Security: Kashoo makes securing your all your information, including all Personal Information, a priority. We use appropriate levels ‎of encryption when transferring all data. Data transferred to and from our servers is ‎encrypted. Kashoo has both hardware and software firewalls in place to protect itself from ‎unauthorized access. We have also created a series of internal policies designed to protect your ‎Personal Information.‎

g)    Your Disclosure of Others Personal Information: By inputting any Personal Information that belongs to someone else into our Service, you represent and warrant that you have all necessary consents ‎and rights to collect, use and disclose that Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy , and you agree that the indemnity you give to us in the Terms of Service ‎applies to any non-compliance by you with the foregoing.‎

3. Uses‎


a)    Use of Information: We will use Personal Information to:

              i.        provide the Service;

             ii.        advertise the Service;

            iii.        provide support;

            iv.        improve our Service, including our website;

             v.        communicate with you to provide our Services;

            vi.        carry out our obligations arising from any agreements entered into between you and us; and

           vii.        comply with all applicable laws. ‎

b)    Cookies: We use cookies and other collected information to improve and further develop ‎our website, to keep your session active and to customize your experience. Cookies are text files that can contain Personal Information and ‎are stored on your device. You can delete them or reject them, but if you do you may not be able to ‎use our Service.‎

c)     Aggregate Non-Identifiable Information: We use aggregate non-identifiable information ‎to improve our Services, including making data more clear and improving ‎marketing messages we may send you.‎

d)    Server Logs: Our server logs record system information when you view our website, ‎apps, and use the Service.‎

e)    Email Marketing: Kashoo may have products or services that may be of interest to you. ‎Or our partners may have products and services that may be of interest to you. You may ‎receive marketing emails from us. You can always ‘unsubscribe‘ or ‘opt-out’ of those ‎marketing emails within the body of the email. We will not disclose or sell your Information ‎to third parties for marketing or other purposes.‎

f)      Service Providers: We do not disclose Personal Information to third parties, except to certain ‎service providers who have appropriate policies in place to protect your Personal Information. Some ‎of the Information we disclose is because Kashoo needs our partners help to provide the ‎Service.‎

4. Disclosure and Sharing‎


a)    Providing Our Services: Some of the Services we provide to you, including, but not ‎limited to, invoicing your customers, connecting our Service to your bank accounts, or ‎integrating your payroll or other functions with our Service may require us to disclose your Personal ‎Information. Please be aware that if you do not want your Personal Information disclosed, you may ‎not be able to use those parts of our Service that require such disclosure.‎

b)    Legal Requirements: We may be required by law to disclose your Personal Information, and we ‎will try to take steps to limit any such disclosure to the extent permissible by law.‎

c)     Change of Ownership: If we are acquired or otherwise sell our business, we will transfer ‎all of the data including Personal Information to the successor entity. We may try to notify you of any change in ‎ownership or sale by either posting it on our website or by emailing you (at the email ‎address in the system).‎

5. Other Terms‎


a)    Requests for Access to and Correction of Personal Information.  Applicable privacy laws allow, to varying degrees, individuals the right to access or request the ‎correction of errors or omissions in his or her Personal Information that is in our custody or under our ‎control. You may request access to and review of your Personal Information in our possession. ‎However, access may be declined where permitted or required by applicable law.‎

You may request that we change or delete your Personal Information in our possession. We reserve ‎the right not to change any Personal Information if we do not agree that it is inaccurate or outdated, ‎but will append any alternative text the individual concerned believes appropriate.‎

If access cannot be provided, we will notify the individual making the request within 30 days, in writing, ‎of the reasons for the refusal. ‎

b)    Retention of Personal Information.  We generally keep Personal Information for only as long as it is needed to accomplish the purposes for ‎which it was collected, or as needed for authorized or legitimate purposes.  More specifically, we ‎retain Personal Information as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the identified purposes for its ‎collection or as otherwise necessary to comply with applicable laws or protect our interests. When ‎Personal Information is no longer necessary or relevant for the identified purposes, or is required to ‎be retained by applicable laws, we will take steps to have it deleted, destroyed, erased, aggregated or ‎made anonymous. We use reasonable industry practices to ensure we have adequate controls, ‎schedules and practices for information and records retention and destruction which apply to personal ‎information. ‎

c)     Application of this Policy: By using for our Service, you agree to comply with the ‎terms of this Privacy Policy and that we may process your Information.‎

d)    Integration with Other Applications: You can integrate Kashoo with other applications. ‎Any information you provide to those applications is subject to their terms of use and ‎privacy policies. Our Privacy Policy only deals with Personal Information we collect from you.‎

e)    Industry Standard Security: While we use industry standard security measures to ‎protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control, there is ‎no guaranty that our services cannot be compromised. Please visit Our Terms of Service ‎for more information.‎

f)      No Under Age 13: We do not intentionally gather Personal Information about visitors who are ‎under the age of 13.‎

g)    Privacy Complaints

Contact Us First (please): If you have a dispute or complaint about privacy practices, please first contact ‎us regarding the issue. We will do our best to resolve it!‎

Contact: 1.888.520.5274 or

Physical Address: 1055 W Georgia St Suite 2414, Vancouver, BC V6E 3P3

h)    Revisions to this Policy: We may change this Privacy Policy at any time. Notice of any ‎significant revision will be called out on our website for a period of time.‎

Rev. February 18, 2021